2017C&D Xiamen(Haicang)International Half Marathon

Rules and Regulations of C&D Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon 2017

Rules and Regulations of C&D Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon 2017

I. Sponsors

Chinese Athletic Association, Xiamen Municipal Government

II. Organizers

People’s Government of Haicang District, Xiamen City; Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sports; Xiamen Media Group 

III. Operation Organization

Xiamen Media Group Sport Co., Ltd.

IV. Co-organizers

Xiamen Athletic Association,Xiamen Haicang Tourism Investment Group Co. Ltd.

V. Date and Venue

To be held in Haicang District, Xiamen City on November 25, 2017 (Saturday).

VI. Event

Half Marathon (21.0975 km).

VII. Groups of Race

Men’s Half Marathon;

Women’s Half Marathon.

VIII. Course

Front of the Intersection of Xinggang Road and Jiaosong Road (The start) → Jiangang Road → Haicang Avenue → the  intersection of Yongjun Road (retracing point) → Haicang Avenue (westward) → East Canglin Road → Binhu Road → Haicang Avenue → Jiangang Road → the finish: Xinggang Road (front of the intersection of Jiaosong Road).

IX. Rules

(I) The race events shall be conducted in accordance with the latest Rules and Regulations for Track & Field certified by Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) and the rules and regulations for this race. 

(II) Roll call: The method of inductive timing chips and race number bib check shall be adopted for one-by-one roll call. Three zones A and B are divided from faster to slower as per contestants’ personal race result on registration. Contestants need to undergo the roll call at the inlet of the corresponding zone within the specified time for roll call. Contestants from a faster zone are allowed to undergo the roll call and start running in a slower zone, but contestants from a slower zone are disallowed to undergo the roll call and start running in a faster zone (i.e., Contestants from Zone A are allowed to undergo the roll call and start running in Zones B , but contestants from Zone B are disallowed to undergo the roll call and start running in Zones A.) Provided that the contestant has passed by the starting point at time earlier than the order issuing time of his/her starting zone, his/her race result and rank will be canceled and he/she will be inflicted with suspension penalty for one year. Contestants are no longer allowed to enter the racing course and start running 15 minutes after the second gunfire of order issuing. The invited elite athletes must undergo separate roll call within the specified zone for roll call 30 minutes in advance to the race. The race result of those who fail to undergo the roll call will be invalid for being the official race result.

(III) Starting order: Runners shall be positioned in the order of invited elite athletes, and registered athletes of CAA, followed by other contestants who shall be positioned and arranged by zone in strict terms of personal race results.

(IV) Order issuing: The measure of simultaneous start at two separate gunfires shall be adopted.

Time of issuing an order: first shot: 8:00; second shot: 8:25.

(V) Closed distance and time:

In order to ensure contestants in safety throughout the race and urban road traffic order, the inductive timing blankets for race shall stop working after the closure at each point per kilometer, so that traffic regulation is dismissed from the racing course and the road returns to the normal traffic order. Participants ought to stop racing and exit the race course in time, waiting for the organizing committee’s pick-up vehicle or taking a public vehicle to arrive at the terminal. Otherwise, the contestant will autonomously undertake the corresponding legal responsibilities and liability to pay compensation for the accident thereupon.

Gate closing time is subject to the gun time. See the following table for details:

(VI) Timing Method:

1. Inductive timing shall be adopted for the race. The inductive timing chips will start timing when contestants pass the starting line. Contestants must wear the disposable timing chip provided by the organizing committee in order to make the race result valid.

2. Participants must go through all inductive timing blankets on the ground one by one, which are respectively placed at the starting point, the points per 5 km, the 21.0975 km point, the retracing point and the finishing point. They will be disqualified for the ranking if missing the record at any one of the timing points even having finished the race within the gate closing time.    

(VII) Depositing and collecting personal belongings:

Participants shall store their articles in the specified area around the starting point as per their race number zone and claim their deposited personal articles by presenting their own race number bib in an area corresponding to their race number within the after-race service area.  No valuables should be left in bags (e.g., mobile phones, valid credentials, cash, keys, credit cards, iPad, etc.). In case of any damage or loss, participants shall take responsibilities by themselves. The service for collecting the deposited articles after race will be available until 12:30 p.m. on the race day. Those who fail to collect the deposited articles in time please process the claim at the frontier hall office of the Stadium of Xiamen Sports Center within 5 days after the race. Articles that remain deposited behind the time limit will be disposed of as unclaimed by the organizing committee. (Prohibited from the storage of flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive article, and infectious disease pathogens and guns, ammunition, controlled tools and other items that may endanger public safety) 

(VIII) Water, beverages, and refreshments stations

Distance Drinking water and using water Beverage and drinking water Refreshments

(IX) Medical care

According to the Regulationf of the CAA Gold Label Road Races: 

1. Fixed medical aid stations are to be set at the starting and finishing points and every 2.5 kilometer along the course .

2. Peripatetic AED medical aid service personnel are to be staffed all along the race course.

3. The medical service volunteers are assigned along the racing track to assist with medical care and maintain the competition discipline. Contestants can ask them for help anytime. In case of some contestant losing consciousness during the race, the emergency volunteers of the organizing committee will be in automatic commission to take every means for emergency aid, including but not limited to CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitatio), AED, and fast transfer via rented vehicle . 

(X) Receiving race result certificate: contestants who have finished the race within the specified closing time please log into the official website of events after race to query race result, download and print the race result certificate.

(XI) Anti-doping test will be conducted as per relevant regulations of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) in this race.

(XII) Regarding other specific requirements and arrangements for the race, please pay attention to the notice of official website of the Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon (www.xmhaicangmarathon.com) or refer to Guide for Runners.

X. Procedures on Participating

(I) Age requirements

Over 18 years of age (born before December 31, 1999).

(II) Health requirements

The Marathon sport is a long-distance, heavy-load and high-intensity sport, and is also a high-risk competitive event, with high requirements on contestants’ physical condition. Contestants ought to be in physical health with the basis of long-term participation in long-distance running exercise. People with the following physical conditions are prohibited to register and participate in the race:

1. Congenital and rheumatic heart diseases;

2. Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;

3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases;

4. Coronary artery disease and serious cardiac arrhythmia;

5. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia diabetes;

6. Influenza 2 weeks before the racing day;

7. The person who has never run for 20 km or more (or walk and run alternately);

8. Pregnancy;

9. Other diseases unsuitable for sports.

(III) Registration procedures

1. Number of participants: 18000. The means of pre-registration is adopted. Qualification for participating in the race will be determined by means of random lottery if the number of registering people outnumber the quota.

2. Team registration is unacceptable.

3. Registering participants can log into the official website of Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon (www.xmhaicangmarathon.com) within the specified time and register in accordance to relevant requirements. Please pay attention to the officially announced Registration Notice for the specific registration time and methods.

4. The following participants can get the qualifications directly for the race:

(1) Invited elite athletes of the organizing committee;

(2) Professional athletes registered with CAA;

(3) Overseas applicants (including those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan areas)

(4) Elite contestants: According to the “The Implementation Procedure for Rating Mass Contestants on Marathon and Relevant Sports within Chinese Territory” issued by the China Athletics Association on June 1, 2016, Contestants whose personal race results in marathon achieves the “elite level”can be exempted from drawing lots and get the qualifications directly for the race. The specific executing method is:

During January 1, 2015 – September 15, 2017, among the results data that can be inquired in the website of “Chinese Marathon Information Platform”, any result in full marathon or half marathon which are authenticated by CAA as “Class A events” .

Below is the standard on result of elite contestants :

(5) Sponsors applicants.

5. The organizing committee will determine the qualification for participation by random lottery or direct confirmation according to the pre-registration conditions.

6. Pre-registration time

Online registration: 10:00 a.m. Sep.15, 2017 - 6:00 p.m. Sep.22. 2017.

7. Registration fee 

(1) Domestic participants (including those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan areas): RMB 120 per person. Free of registration charge for professional athletes registered with Chinese Athletic Association;  

(2) Foreign participants: $50 per person;

(3) Registration fee shall not be refunded once the qualification for participation is  approved and confirmed by the organizing committee.

8. Special Tips:

(1) The relationship between the Emergency Contact Person and the applicant in the registration information, it is recommended to fill out the direct relatives;

(2) The Emergency Contact Person cannot be the contestant in this race or in another marathon events on the same day;

(3) Once the registration is confirmed, the registration fee cannot be refund;

(4) The race course, drinking water stations, toilets and other settings are not suitable for baby carriages, roller skating and other special groups to be involved.

(5) Do not stay up or drink alcohol one day before the race.

9. Race Package Collection 

Race Package are only allowed to be picked by the participants themselves, rather than anyone else. As for specific collecting time and method, please pay attention to the relevant Race Package Collection Notice issued by the organizing committee.

10. Participation fees: All fees for traffic, catering and accommodation, insurance and hospitalization for medical care, etc. shall be borne by individuals.

XI. Ranking admission and awards

(I) Ranking prize: (admit according to the gun time result, unit: RMB).

(II) Record-breaking awards (admit according to the gun time result )

1. USD 15,000 will be awarded for breaking the men’s record 1:00:24 (only for the champion) and women’s record 1:07:53 (only for the champion) of Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon respectively ;

2. USD 30,000 will be awarded for achieving the best result in (men’s and women’s) half marathon within Chinese territory (only for the champion);

3. World record awards (for men’s and women’s): USD150,000 (only for the champion).

(III) Incentive award: (admit according to the chip time result)

Anyone who has met age requirement for participating in C&D Xiamen Marathon and who has ranked among top 300 of males or among top 150 of females in 2017 Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon can immediately receive the qualification for 2019 Xiamen Marathon.

(IV) How to accept the prize

1. The list of winners shall be publicized on the official website of events winthin 24 hours after the race for 10 workdays. For any objection to the award winners’ race result within the period of publicity, please contact the organizing committee office and provide authentic valid evidence. The matriculated rank of anyone who is reported to violate the race rules and relevant provisions of regulations, as has been investigated, proved and confirmed, shall be canceled, and the rank shall not be supplemented once canceled.(It is only valid to report within 60 days after the race results are published, and those overdue will not be handled).

2. The ranking and record-breaking awards shall be subject to anti-doping test. Anyone who fail to pass the anti-doping test , his race bonus and rank will be canceled and the rank shall not be supplemented.

3. The bonuses for the ranking and record-breaking awards shall be issued after the result is published and the anti-doping test is passed.

4. Winners shall submit their own valid bank card number, a copy of the identity card with personal signature and contact telephone number to accept the prize.

5. An athlete breaking several records simultaneously shall be awarded the highest award only.

6. Chinese athletes winning the above awards shall be awarded with equivalent RMB.

(V) All the prizes and rewards mentioned above will be charged 20% as individual income tax according to Tax Policy in China.

(VI) The organizing committee will provide a T-shirt, a race bag, a race number bib, a disposable timing chip and a book of Guide for Runners for all participants.

(VII) Any participants finishing the race within the gate closing time can get the race souvenir including the finishing race medal.

XII. Procedure on Penalty

(I) In order to enhance the management of sportsmanship and discipline in racing, the organizing committee strictly prohibits transferring (selling) or receiving (buying) qualifications for participation in private and prohibits anyone from accessing the track to participate by means of imposture, rub running, counterfeiting of the race number bib and using nonofficial race number bib. Once detected, the violator will be forbidden lifelong to participate in all events held by the organizing committee of Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon and reported to Chinese Athletic Association to impose additional penalties. All aftermaths as a consequence of imposture, rub running, counterfeiting the race number bib and so forth shall be undertaken on the violator’s own. Where economic loss and severe consequences have resulted, the organizing committee will reserve its right to inquire into the violator’s legal responsibilities.

(II) Video recording system will be carried out by the organizing committee at the starting point, every 5 km timing point, the retracing point and the finishing point during the race. The organizing committee shall treat anyone of the following cases with separate penalties, depending on the severity of circumstances, ranging from disqualifying the contestant to match and canceling his/her race result to forbidding the contestant from taking part in this race and Xiamen Marathon for 1-2 years or lifelong, and report to Chinese Athletic Association to impose additional penalties.

1. Accessing the qualification for participating in the race by taking advantage of false information or transfer the race number bib to others after registration (all the consequences in the race are on own responsibilities);

2.The participant carries another’s timing chip, or one participant carries above 2 (inclusive) timing chips simultaneously in the race ;

3. Disobeying the specified start order or start running in a non-specified area;

4. Actions violating the rules when starting to run;

5. Finishing the race by means of relay;

6. Refusing to cease the race after the gate closing time or going back to the course after exiting from the race;

7. Taking shortcuts or transportation vehicles midway rather than finishing the whole journey along the specified route;

8. Breaching the stipulated requirement by repeating passing the finishing point or by passing the finishing point in private to get the finishing-race medal and souvenir without finishing the race;

9. Failing to carry the personal race number bib to pass the finishing point as per the stipulated requirement;

10. Counterfeiting the race number bib in private, passing the finishing point using the race number bib of another or a previous Xiamen Marathon number bib to get the finishing-race medal, etc.;

11. Uncivilized behaviors (e.g. open defecation, throwing garbage anywhere, etc.); 

12. Refusing to follow the instructions of the working staff of events, disturbing the race or assembling a crowd to make trouble;

13. Other behaviors violating the race rules and regulations.

XIII. Insurance

1. Contestants shall buy insurance by themselves.

2. The committee shall offer a separate personal accident insurance for each contestant in this race, the policy of which shall be subject to the registered information. Applicants shall undertake the liability on their own if invalidly insured due to the erroneous or false registered information.

XIV. Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon Contact method

1. Registration consultation Tel: +86-592-5372066/5372207  Fax: 5372207

2. Official website: www.xmhaicangmarathon.com

3. Official Email: xm_marathon365@163.com

4. Address of registration consultation: Frontier Hall of the Stadium of Xiamen Sports Center, Fujian Province, China

XV. The right to explain this regulation belongs to Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon Organizing Committee. Unsettled matters shall be noticed otherwise. 


Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon Organizing Committee

September 2017